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Fulfill Your Potential

The student experience at Acchutha Institute Of Optometry includes a diverse range of academic, clinical and extracurricular activities. The teaching pedagogy is designed to meet the high standards of our curriculum requirements. The rigor of class room and clinical training pushes the students of Acchutha Institute of Optometry to be some of  the best among the country!


The classroom experience at Acchutha starts with Architect designed well lit, ventilated, bright and airy class rooms with state of the art library and meeting halls. The core team of Optometrists and Ophthalmologists bring in years of teaching and clinical experience .


Acchutha believes in the holistic development of the students. With Yoga lessons, and meditation classes to deal with all the stress and strain of modern life
It isn’t just academics that we are good at! Fun and games, song, dance and drama, our students excel at them all!


With a series of DIY training starting out at the first year, students undergo meticulous, step by step training in all the procedures involved in eye care


Outreach camps teach our students the reality of life. School screenings, screening farmers and other workers in the unorganised sector, give them ample experience and real life experience of life in the different walks of life

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